Azilwa ensures that your business activities demonstrate ethical conduct and provides training to accommodate any shortcomings. 
No business is managed in a vacuum and it is important to ensure that all role-players are on board with good Corporate Governance practices.

We offer the following Training Solutions:

Board Member Protocols

  • Refresher Corporate Governance Training
  • Reputation Management
  • Principles of Good Governance
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Company’s Act and PFMA
  • POPI Act scenarios
  • King IV simple guide
  • Delegation of Authority
  • Social Media training


Azilwa tailors an Induction Programme to familiarize new Board members with an overview of the Company in order to understand how it operates, the environment in which it operates and the role they will play in participating as a new Board member in the company.

A typical New Board Member Induction may include (but not limited to) the  following:


  • Welcome and Introduction to the Board
    Brief explanation of the required function and services which includes:

– History of the Company
– Company Vision and Mission
– Company Philosophy, Ethics and values
– Board and Committee Members and Structure
– Departmental structure

  • Initial discussion regarding Contribution, Appraisal outline and Review Process
  • Introduction to senior staff and supply of Company Strategic Plan
  • Provision of Policies & Procedures (to be made available by Company Management) :

– Expenses
– Conflict of Interest
– Risk Policy
– Code of Conduct
– Whistleblowing
– Finance & Audit
– Copy of Annual Report and Accounts
– Board Manual

  • Closure