Corporate Compliance


Azilwa prides itself in facilitating the establishment of the Four Pillars of Corporate Governance which are: Transparency, Accountability, Fairness and Responsibility.  Our services are tailored to meet these needs in your business.

 We evaluate your business needs in relation to the principles of corporate ethics and through assessment, training, structured policies and procedures formulate recommendations to promote organizational values, code of conduct and ethical practices. We supply an Implementation Plan, monitor and evaluate improvements on an ongoing basis.




Azilwa ensures that your company maintains compliance in all the right areas to sustain the success of your business.

A comprehensive Azilwa Corporate Compliance Audit includes assessments of the following:

  • Operational Policies
  • Code of Conduct
  • Risk Management Procedures
  • Management Communication and Reporting Systems




Policies are the governance body within a company and should be reviewed regularly and implemented as procedure which guides and assists in decision making.

 Azilwa delivers the following policy related services to assist your company:

  • Compliance Assessments
  • Drafting of Governance Opinions
  • Delegation of Authority
  • Compliance Reporting and Audits
  • Policy Development
  • Code of Conduct
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Drafting of Terms of References of Board and Committees